Useful Tips For Cleaning Sliding Glass Doors

As time goes by, sliding glass doors may have lost its flexibility. This then will make the door more difficult to open. It also creates a terrible sounds when you try to open it. For some cases, it happens because of the dirt and dust that come in the track. Which then, it is important to regularly cleaning and lubricating the doors.

9 Foot Sliding Glass Doors
9 Foot Sliding Glass Doors

But, there are some tips you have to know before you clean and lubricate the sliding glass doors. Here are :

  • First, you have to remove the screen door. Then, loose the end of the door, so you can pull out the door from the track. You can use screwdriver to loose the track, so then later you can clean the door and the track.
  • Use vacuum cleaner or wire brush to clean the track and the wheel. Don’t forget to Make sure that you don’t leave any cracks and dirt. Check all the bottom and the top of the doors.
  • Then, you can apply silicone lubricant to each wheels in the doors. This later will make the rolling process easier. Then, try to test the wheel and the roller, whether it is working or you need to add some lubricant again.
  • After that, you can wipe the door track using wet rag.
  • Then, you can also apply lubricant to the door track before you put on the door again.
  • After that, you can start to lif the door back to the early position. Push the door so the wheel and the roller fit to the door track.
  • Then, you can start to screw the door back to its position.
  • Next, you can give it a try to make sure that the lubricant works well.
  • After it slides smoothly, now you will not worry about the terrible sounds it makes.
Aluminum Sliding Glass Door Manufacturers
Aluminum Sliding Glass Door Manufacturers