Tips on Successful Digital Transformation for Your Business

Digital Transformation (DT) is an opportunity in which companies can improve in terms of customer reach and providing optimal services. It has been an ongoing initiative for most companies in Hong Kong and adaptation to it through HKPC DBIZ vendors in HK even heightened due to the current global pandemic. If you are one of those business owners in Hong Kong who need to learn more about DT,read on the following tips below.

Tip #1: Review your business strategy before investing on anything for DT.
Any digital transformation initiative should be based on a broader business strategy. What is your vision in the next few years? Do you share the same vision with your employees? Li & Fung,a supply chain manager in Hong Kong,developed a three-year strategy with the business goal of speed,innovation,and digitalization,before they embrace a digital platform called Total Sourcing,a tool that integrates information from customers and vendors.

Tip #2: Work with DI experts for DT.
Relying on your internal consultants can be challenging especially if they are not fully knowledgeable on the adaption of digital tools. HKPC DBIZ vendors in HK can provide proven strategies for your digital transformation efforts.

Tip #3: Recognize your employees’ fears and expectations.
As your company goes through your digital transformation initiative,there will be significant changes in your processes. Take a closer look at how your employees respond to these changes,because this is how you can gauge the success rate of your initiative. Changing their mindset could be more challenging than making them use an application to track sales.

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