Persian Vs Oriental Rugs

Everyone have their own style and character. Not only in doing thing daily in their life, but also in choosing stuffs in their life. Some may say pink is best, but other say blue is better. Actually, it is what makes world so beautiful. The difference. In choosing rugs, there is also a argue. Whether it will be persian or oriental rugs.


Actually, what is the difference about both?

Persian Rugs

Different from oriental rug, persians are more complicated since it has so may icon and symbol and made by traditional skills. Furthermore, persians are developed years ago by the people in Persia. One thing for sure, the persian are only made in Iran (or Persia, now). Also, persians are hand knotted, that is why the price is so into the sky ( or simply, expensive).

To distinguish between persian rugs and other rugs, you can know it by its pile. It has extraordinary thick pile that is up to 160 kps inch which have vibrant color combinated and unusual designs.

Authentic Persian Rugs For Sale
Authentic Persian Rugs For Sale

Oriental Rugs

Since the name itself is oriental, the rugs are made in Asia. It is also hand knotted and believed wll be long lasting. The authentic one have a very good quality ad unique design.It also costs enough. But what makes it different with Persian is that it is made without pile.

This kind of rugs are made in China and Vietnam, but it is well exported also to Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal. For the costs are very vary. You can buy from the cheapest to the most expensive.

After knowing the basic difference about this two rugs, are you finally finding the most suitable rugs for your home? FYI, whether it is persian or oriental rugs, both are great choice and choose based on your character.