DIY White Plastic Folding Chairs

What is more cuter than a white plastic folding chairs. Any chair with white color will always fit well in any occasion, furthermore like a wedding or you can just put this chair in your patio or backyard. This chair is easy to find.


But somehow, you just want to have another color to make it look like new without buying one. All you have to do is doing DIY in your house. You can paint it all in white, red, or any color you want. But, here we would like you invite you to make the white one.

  1. White is good  add it looks classy and classic. Here are the stuffs you have to do now.
  2. Take off the plastic or rubber caps from the chair, if it exists. You wont need this anymore.
  3. Then, cover that parts with masking tape. This will prevent the paint to spill over the area you dont need to.
  4. Also, prepare the drop cloth or just put newspaper on the ground, so you dont make any dirt anywhere. Dont forget to open all the windows if you do this indoor.
  5. Unfold the chair then lay it on the ground. After that, you can spray the spray paint primer. Keep the can about 2 feet from the chaie to avoid the drips and runs from the bottle.
  6. After that, leave it until it dries well. Then, you can repeat the same procedure to the other sides.
  7. Then, you can leave the chair at least 24 hours to make the paint stay in durable quality.
  8. After it’s dried well, you can take out the masking tape. So you can use it now.

Actually, this is an easy DIY to make a white plastic folding chairs. Good idea to cut your wedding budget if you plan to have a white wedding.

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