Clean and Maintain Cast Iron Table Base

Cast iron table base is known for its durability. When you want to have some furniture or even kitchen equipment, you can choose any that is made of cast iron. This type of material is very durable. Some even says that this material will get better quality when it get older. So, when you choose cast iron furniture, you will get no worry in maintaining this one.

Antique Cast Iron Table Base
Antique Cast Iron Table Base

Though, good will always be followed by bad. This material also has weaknesses. Cast iron can get rusted if you dont prevent before with layer of seasoning. A careless using will also damage thi s material. Next, cast iron is also known for its heavy. This may harden you in moving but it’s still acceptable to choose one. Last but not least, it needs special cleaning.

Cleaning and keeping the quality of the cast iron is not difficult but need special maintenance. Here are some tips.

Direct cleaning

We suggest you to clean directly after it gets dirt. Removing any dirt and dust immediately will keep the quality of the cast iron. You can use sponge or clean cloth with water to remove the dirt and dust. Do not scrub it for any reasons.

Cast Iron Coffee Table Base
Cast Iron Coffee Table Base

Avoid Scrub

As we said before, do not scrub it for any reasons. Even though you use metal scrubby scouring pads that is safe, or cleaner, please do avoid this to keep the quality. The scrub activity will lessen the quality and make it look bad.

Dry well

If you apply some water on it when you clean, dry it well immediately. You can also use special oil you can find in the furniture store to protect from any dirty contact. The cast iron table base is very special material but also will benefit you much.