About Us

Pain Maps is a resource center and guide for anyone who has experienced persistent pain and in particular, nerve pain or CRPS / RSD. The focus here is on neuroplastic approaches, and a treatment of pain that relies on a basic understanding of how it works. In support of self education and initiative, Pain Maps will endeavor to offer material, sources and ideas that enable non-invasive, drug-free options to pain reduction where possible, while advocating for, and drawing on the wisdom of, pain sufferers in general – all of whom have something to offer regardless of their chosen path.

This site is also dedicated to advocating interdisciplinary research, and the potential in neuroplastic applications for healing neurological dysfunction in general. Pain Maps will explore interesting ideas in neuroscience, offered from the stance of an imaginative neophyte and artist. Though still in its infancy, Pain Maps is curious about the intersection of neuroscience and nature: how biomimicry, and the sensory self, can provide a portal into breakthroughs in the treatment of all neurological disorders. It will aim to provide a platform for independent thought in research in the context of health and disease.