Who I Am

Purple TreeJessica Mendes is a 54 year old freelance writer who considers herself a “midwife to narrative” in discovering the story within a story. In developing Pain Maps, she hopes to help broaden insightful discourse on pain by pooling together the bountiful resources and practitioners who apply neuroplastic approaches in their work. How can the imagination be utilized in interpreting neuroplastic concepts, particularly when it comes to the deeply personal nature of pain and neurological dysfunction? What does nature’s wisdom offer in the realm of neuroscience that has yet to be tapped or reach wide exposure? How can the principle of biomimicry be furthered in the treatment of neurological disorders? And what role does the sensory self play in training our nervous system to manage dysfunction?

Having lived with Lyme Disease, CRPS and nerve pain for years, Jessica has found conventional thinking around pain and pain treatment to be myopic, largely unhelpful and in some cases, detrimental. She is passionate about different ways of thinking about, and understanding, pain that promote healing, self education, and protecting our right to autonomy in the treatment of illness and disease.



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