Vagus Nerve Infection

Capillary Tree

When I first heard about the Vagus Nerve Infection theory with regard to CRPS / RSD, I added it to the pile of other theories I had come across, worthy of consideration and research for anyone suffering from this troubling disorder.

In the last six months, however, I am drawn more and more to this area of research, partly because given my own symptomology and recent diagnoses this is something I have, and partly because of a few pertinent conversations I have had of late. I am eager to promote awareness on it.

An infection of the Vagus Nerve – also known as “the wandering nerve” – seems to be the only thing I have found that can explain the erratic and unpredictable nature of CRPS other than the pliable nature of the nervous system itself. I strongly recommend that anyone with CRPS / RSD research it, as I already know of one case where CRPS / RSD was treated successfully with antibiotics.

This section will grow obviously. I intend to post anything I can find connecting Vagus Nerve infections (or infections in general) with neurological dysfunction, pain or autoimmune conditions. If anyone reading this knows of a good article I can post here please get in touch.


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