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Leaning TreeFinding and building content on this site is a solo venture I take great joy and purpose in, as I am driven by the conviction that interdisciplinary research is essential to breakthroughs in treatment programs for all pain and neurological dysfunction. I very much want to help bridge the gap between different fields of expertise. But as someone with CRPS without seed money or a partner to support me, the energy and time needed to take it where I want has been limited at best.

If you have found any value in visiting this site, please consider subsidizing Pain Maps with a donation of any amount. Monies donated will go toward domain name and web hosting provider fees, which I currently cannot afford, in addition to freeing up more of my time for research, networking and building on the resources offered here. I am particularly interested in new research that sheds light on CRPS / RSD, since it is a poorly understood condition that can have serious impact on a person’s quality of life.

My sincerest gratitude to anyone who contributes, be it through a donation, sharing a link or spreading the word. It all circles around!