Lyme Disease & CRPS

The Lyme Disease CRPS connection is evidenced in compelling research on pain, neurological dysfunction and Lyme. 
Anyone with persistent pain or CRPS / RSD would be well-advised to learn Lyme Disease as it might open up more treatment options for them. That said, it is a highly complex disease that can include multiple bacterial strains and co-infections. Because the bacteria specific to Lyme can pretty much infect any system in the body, symptoms also vary widely from person to person. To make matters worse, it is widely agreed, for Canada at least, that testing protocol is grossly limited in scope and accuracy. Just as with CRPS, the need for self education is critical if one wants to get well.

This page is still in its infancy as I am still (very) young in my own research and have been quite ill myself, so building it will take some time. But I do want to give particular mention to a superb documentary by the name of Under Our Skin, an Oscar shortlisted documentary that is both eye-opening and deeply informative; it can be purchased as a DVD or viewed online for a small fee. You will find it here, and the web site offers some fantastic resources as well.



Under Our Skin**
Award-winning documentary on Lyme Disease — highly recommended
Comprehensive list of resources

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society**
Education, Awareness, Activism, Physician Training programs

Lyme Connection
Education – Resources – Support

Lyme & Co-infection Symptom Overview

Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Centre
Columbia University Medical Center

Lyme Action Network

Lyme Disease Association
Changing the face of Lyme Disease through research, education, prevention and patient advocacy

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The Lyme War (New Yorker)




Lyme Disease – What Your Doctor Hasn’t Told You



Why Can’t I Get Better?
Dr. Richard Horowitz