Giving Thanks

Orange TreeThere are people in this world who lift you up; who offer small words of comfort or a helping hand at certain junctures that bring unforeseen ripple effects. Sometimes it is simply a well-timed comment made with heart or kind conviction; sometimes it is an impromptu gesture of mammoth proportions, a piggyback over troubled waters perhaps, or a guiding light offered freely, devoid of any agenda. There are numerous people I have been blessed to have known in this way in my journey toward healing with CRPS so here I make mention of some of them, in no particular order of importance:

Bahram Jam, whose buoyancy, delight and sense of adventure have lifted my heart and soul; whose pleasure in giving is inspiring and infectious; for believing in my skills, abilities and ideas enough to back them;

Heather Arlen, a gentle spirit with a depth of heart that rouses my own; whose intelligence, grace, humor and insight have offered me much-needed stimulation; whose spontaneity in lending a helping hand moved me to the core;

Justin Germino, a dynamo if I ever knew one; a techie on steroids with humanitarian blood who believes in open sourcing, sharing, learning and growing;

Anne Harris, a superb cranial sacral therapist whose healing hands and intuitive gifts have been my lifeline for some time;

Steven Rossini, an extraordinary spirit who saw something in me and generously invested in  it; one of the few people I have felt seen and heard by;

Anne Stilman, a garden pixie with inventive inclinations whose light and heart have touched me more than she may ever know;

Mary Ananiadis, a maverick at heart whose assistance and offer of friendship brought me comfort and company;

Christian Hamilton, a radio producer and kind soul whose giant spirit, friendship and dog Pippit got me through the worst of my days;

Ken Stowar, a radio station honcho who backed me in my time of need and whose impish sense of humor I have always delighted in;

Jessica Nargi, a physiotherapist with candor and razor sharp insight who is deeply rooted in her body;

Bill Raickovic, a diagnostic IT consultant and Good Samaritan with a gift for giving solace at opportune moments;

Alex Jocic, a doctorate student and maverick instrumental to my early campaign whose acuity and imagination hold boundless potential, and without whom I might have been a hapless mortal;

Jill Markvorsen, an altruist and nomad whose reliable support and sturdy presence were a godsend to me over the summer;

Mary Kay Perris, a jill-of-all-trades whose generosity and support, not to mention the affection of her dog Tina Turner, meant the world;

Airat Aminev, an old friend with keen instincts, smart and percipient as they come; a gentle heart who came through for me when I least expected it;

Mary Ellen Learn, a childhood friend whose tomfoolery and innocence of heart remind me of the simpler things in life;

Dana Lerman, a passionate healthcare practitioner whose care and kind generosity have offered assistance to me in times of great need;

Geo Gallant, whose friendship and beautiful spirit touched me in ways I hadn’t anticipated;

Nima Pardisma, whose sense of wit and humor I take great delight in, and whose offering supported my ongoing rehabilitation;

Sarah Bennett, whose quiet strength and steady hand offered valuable guidance;

Shawn Meirovici, a naturopath of great warmth and sincerity who genuinely wants to help people;

Gillian Kennedy, a maestro with the time-honored practice and lost art of letter writing;

Akil Rahemtulla, an entrepreneurial workhorse whose generosity, compassion and goodwill gesture was expertly timed;

Sam Gibbs, a creative neurologist and osteopath whose passion, optimism and care helped me orient my brain and find my footing;

Jennifer Raiche, a woman of feline sensibilities and epic heart whose spiritual struggle moves me to the core, and who I love more than life itself;

Charlie Shota Morris, a young explorer of sorts whose spontaneous show of support came at a critical time.


….there are more, but due to stress and ill health I am not able to update this list as regularly as I would like.