Cortical Integrative Therapy

Winter ShadeCortical Integrative Therapy (CIT) is a revolutionary treatment methodology for brain injuries, CRPS / RSD, learning problems and a range of neurological disorders, developed by Dr. Victor Pedro. Costly but with an efficacy that has been well established for those who can afford it. Clinic found its place on the map with the testimonial of Paula Abdul, whose CRPS / RSD has gone into remission.



Rhode Island Integrated Medicine: Brain Rehabilitation Specialists
Program includes diagnoses & tailored treatment plans

Paula Abdul: Putting the Spotlight on Rare Disease

CIT: The Body, Mind & Spirit Network, Living with HOPE: RSD
An interview with Dr. Victor Pedro

Tackling Trauma Head On: A Teen’s Struggle to Overcome Brain Injuries Sustained Through Concussions
Parenting New Hampshire: A look at the work of Dr. Victor Pedro

Concussion Advocate Tracy Yatsko on CIT
PBS Special [Video]

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