Pain Therapy & Rehab

Nice treePain Maps is concerned with views and attitudes about pain and persistent pain therapy that go beyond mere management to strive for healing and rehabilitation. The term “treatment” is unfortunately used far too broadly, typically encompassing everything from drugs and anesthetics to brain rehabilitation – when these two things suggest dramatically different approaches. This site endeavors to draw a distinction between the two.

Following is a list of organizations that aim to promote self education, different ways of thinking about pain or ongoing dialogue on what it means to live with it in a way that restores personal dignity and peace of mind. Featured primarily are sites with holistic approaches that encourage optimism, and the idea that it is possible to reduce or eliminate pain through understanding and knowledge.


Canadian Pain Coalition
A superb resource and collective effort between consumer groups, health professionals and scientists studying better treatments. Highly recommended.

Michael H. Moskowitz, MD (endorsed by Norman Doidge)
Relieve the Pain, Change the Brain, Transform the Person: using neuroplasticity to heal pain

Functional Neurology Society
Therapies to enhance the performance of the brain & nervous system
Unique approach offering new hope to those with wide range of conditions (chronic pain & CRPS / RSD listed)
Books, resources, treatment descriptions, practitioner locator**

Life Is Now
Overcome Pain, Live Well Again
A cutting edge initiative currently in development. Educational web casts, blogs, retreats and more. Excellent read.

A blog for health care providers who support chronic pain self management and thoughtful commentary that respects individual values.

Body In Mind
A research center into the role of the body and mind in chronic pain.

Pain BC: Changing Pain. Changing Minds
Reducing the burden of pain through engagement, education, advocacy and knowledge translation
Wonderful resource for people living with pain including support groups, newsletter, webinars, videos and volunteer opportunities

International Pain Foundation (iPain)
iPain offers community-based support services for chronic pain patients with neuropathy conditions including RSD/CRPS, Diabetic Neuropathy, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis & more
Education, awareness & access to care – fabulous group of people

International Association for the Study of Pain
Scientists, clinicians, healthcare providers & policymakers come together to stimulate & support the study of pain & translate that knowledge into improved pain relief worldwide
Newsletter, resources, advocacy & more

Pain Research Forum
Interactive web community dedicated to translating basic neurobiology into new treatments for untreatable chronic pain conditions

International Spine & Pain Institute
Creating & implementing cutting edge, high quality and research based education and resources for physical therapists related to spinal disorders, orthopedics and neuroscience.

Sunlight in Winter
Delightful blog on learning to live with, and reduce, chronic pain
Packed with resources & great information

U.S. Pain Foundation
Striving to be the leading source for those living in pain and their caregivers. Programs to empower, educate and inspire include support groups, volunteer opportunities, events and advocacy.

Musculoskeletal pain help
Information, tips & self management tools

PAINS Project: Transforming the Pain is Perceived, Judged & Treated
Advancing a national pain strategy, destigmatizing pain, community-based initiatives, public policies & research

New Zealand Pain Society
Fostering & encouraging research into pain mechanisms & syndromes
Membership allows access to forums & events

American Society of Pain Educators
Non-profit professional organization dedicated to improving pain management through the education & training of healthcare professionals
“Our vision is that every healthcare facility will one day have a Certified Pain Educator on staff”

American Academy of Pain Management
Improving the lives of people in pain by advancing an integrative model of pain care through evidence-guided education
Patient-centred approach that considers the whole person

American Chronic Pain Association
Facilitating peer support & education for individuals in chronic pain to live more fully; to raise awareness in the health care community & public at large on issues related to chronic pain
Resource guide, tools, videos & more

Mastering Pain Institute
Forwarding the developments in the science of pain; exploring how normal biological changes enhance the pain experience & how neuroplasticity can reduce it

For Grace – Empowering Women In Pain
The dream of never again
Articles, resources, helpful links

Pain Science
Excellent site featuring education, resources & advice in clear, simple language

Better Movement – Practical Science on Movement & Pain
Hundreds of free articles for perusal

Chronic Pain Australia
High quality user-friendly resources & support, forum, videos & more
Active support of research contributing to a greater understanding of the experience of pain

Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain & Disability
Webinars, video library, research resources, new & events

Pain News Network
Non-profit independent news source for information & commentary on pain; striving to inform, connect and educate pain sufferers & those who care for them

Pain Concern (UK)
Improving the lives of people with pain: information, support, raising awareness
Pain Matters Magazine, radio show & more

Pain Relief Foundation (UK)
Dedicated to specialized research in the causes & treatment of pain

Living in Color with Chronic Pain
Resources, hope & support: articles & mind-body or psychological resources

Online community of people dealing with neuropathic pain that offers high quality education and information

Understand Pain to Change Pain
Awareness campaign dedicated to education & resources

Know Pain – A Practical Guide to Persistent Pain Therapy
Empowering Function through Education
Superb guide & resource for those with pain: articles, blog, courses, etc

National Pain Report
Online news site featuring news, stories and new development (research) on persistent pain. A breath of fresh air dedicated to raising public awareness, and the voices of pain sufferers as well as specialists.

Interventional Pain Management Center of Rhode Island
Physician & Director Dr. Pradeep Chopra quite versed in CRPS / RSD

Overcoming Pain
Mark Grant, psychologist specializing in pain and stress; EMDR

Naturopathic Doctor Treating Pain, MS & Neurological Disease
Dr. Shawn: offering IV therapy, pain management & more