Altar of Hope

The Fire of CRPS / RSD


This page is inspired by a singular image – the arresting beauty of this tree in my mother’s back yard known as the Burning Bush. Its religious symbolism is well known, and while I am not a a particularly religious person, the concept of God (or spirit) appearing within its midst as a calling to take heed resonates deeply with me. It is a metaphor especially relevant to CRPS / RSD sufferers because the quality of the pain we experience is intensely fiery in nature, and in order to affect change we must first learn not to be consumed by it.

And that begins by paying attention: to our breath; to the rhythm of our hearts; to the tiniest pauses in the haste of modern life, all to remember what we love, what we care for, what matters most. Within that, hopefully, the seeds of hope are sewn: hope for a quality of life we may never have known, and for the sense of connection this horrible affliction can teach us.


Burning Bush