Bacteria Pain Link

The bacteria pain link is begging for research and public awareness. Bacterial infections are well known to cause pain, and microbes of all kinds have been increasingly linked to a whole host of neurological disorders, as our brains are literally shaped by the bacteria in our digestive tracts. If someone has written a book on bacteria and CRPS / RSD, why isn’t it easier to find?

“We are just starting to fully understand what goes on in a healthy gut and, even more recently, how opportunistic microorganisms in our gut – such as viruses, parasites, yeast and pathogenic bacteria – or the lack of good bacteria, are associated with many more problems than we ever thought,” writes Dr. Alejandro Junger in his recently published book Clean Gut. “Just last year, for instance, studies emerged showing a strong connection between the state of our gut’s ecosystem and cancer.”

It astounds me that in all the books out today on nutritional science, naturopathy and autoimmune diseases that more has not been written on this. Even many of the sources I checked on gut health do not even have “pain” included in their index! This section will feature whatever I could find on the subject. Be sure to also visit the Vagus Nerve Infection page.


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