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Mystery of CRPS / RSD – Call to Action (Globe & Mail)
by Jessica Mendes
This piece was re-positioned as a “What It’s Like” piece for the special Health feature in the Globe, but text itself unedited.

Neuroplastic Transformation for the Treatment of Pain
New York Times: New books by Frances E. Jensen, Norman Doidge & Michael Gazzaniga

Those with CRPS beware: Opioids can INCREASE sensitivity to pain
New York Times: How Doctors Helped Drive the Addiction Crisis

Patient-Centered Research: The Pain Research Forum
A Conversation with Anne Louise Oaklander

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in Adults
Dr. Andreas Goebel, Rheumatology Journal

Turning to Software to Help Treat Brain Injuries (New York Times)
On the work of Michael Merzenich, neuroscientist & pioneer in brain plasticity research

Rewired: Learning to Tame a Noisy Brain (or, using the power of neuroplasticity)
Globe & Mail on Norman Doidge, Jan. 23, 2015

Chronic Pain Relieved by Cell Transplantation in Lab Study
Jeffrey Norris, UCSF

How You Can Make Your Brain Smarter Every Day (Forbes)
by Michael Merzenich

Researchers Identify Important Neural Mechanism Responsible for Certain Chronic Pain Disorders
Medical News, Dec. 6, 2014

The Supreme Art – Teaching People About Pain
by Tim Cocks

Pain Changes How Pain Works
Jargon-to-English translation of an important scientific paper by a rock star of a pain researcher; owner’s manual stuff

The Neurology of the Immune System: Neural Reflexes Regulate Immunity 
ScienceDirect: Cytokines, inflammation & pain, among other conditions

10 Ways to Alter Your Brain
Huffington Post on the work of neuroscientist Michael Merzenich

The Trouble with Brain Science (New York Times)

Learning How Little We Know About the Brain (New York Times)

A tool for communicating body perception disturbances (CRPS)

Brain Myths by Dr. Karen Shue

The Neurobiology of Individuality (The Scientist)

Body Perception Disturbance in CRPS
By Jenny Lewis, PhD, Dip, COT and C. S. McCabe, PhD, RGN

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Research
Rocky Mountain CRPS/RSD
Stanford Pain Center and Systems Neuroscience Pain Lab
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

The ‘Dis-inhibited’ Brain: New Findings on CRPS
Science Daily

Autoimmune Research Opening Up New Options for Chronic Pain Sufferers
Autoimmunity and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
by Cort Johnson

Motor dysfunction in CRPS related to proprioceptive deficits

The Pain Test by Susannah Locke
Doctors have no idea how much their patients are suffering. That’s about to change.

Pain, Finding Perspectives by Virginia McMillan
New Zealand Doctor: newspaper for GPs and others in the health sector

Understanding Pain As an Overprotective Friend (blog) 

Top 10 Things to Kick Start the Healing Process in Your Body
Gluten linked to both neurological & autoimmune problems

What Your Neurologist & Rheumatologist Won’t Tell You About Disease

Neurologists: Opioid Risks Outweigh Benefits
National Pain Report

Calming Patients’ Nervous Systems Reduces Pain Intensity & Distress, Opioid Use
by Debra Hughes, MS

Your Psychology Affects Your Response to Medical Treatments
Psychology Today: Pain Catastrophizing by Beth Darnall, PhD

Pain Is Weird by Paul Ingraham
Highly educational piece with practical advice on reducing pain

Seven Things You Should Know About Pain Science by Todd Hargrove
Research shows that pain education can improve outcomes

DIM SIMs: Explain Pain & Protectometer
by Tim Cocks

When the Pain Just Won’t Stop
by Nissa Simon, MORE Magazine

A Dip Into the Forests of the Brain
Los Angeles Review of Books

Teaching the Nervous System to Forget About Pain
PBS Storyline: Mind Over Matter by Eleanor Nelsen

‘Run, Hide, Fight’ Is Not How Our Brains Work (New York Times)
Contemporary science has refined the old “fight or flight” concept

Pioneering cell transplant surgery on paraplegic (New Yorker)
The central nervous system is not at all static; it is constantly remaking itself in response to both opportunity and insult.”

Informed Decision-Making Regarding Amputation for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery

CRPS: A Stacked Deck
by Cynthia Toussaint, special to National Pain Report